To 148 years the brand Tag Heuer manufactures watch pieces in Switzerland, with a high level of quality, bold and timeless, continuing is route of constant innovation, course to the most exact precision’s and technologies.
Tag Heuer is known for its renowned sportive and chronograph’s watches which can be used both by men as well by ladies.                    


With its famous bracelet in double S shape, an ergonomics detail associated to the refinement, the Link collection represents from 20 years the union between sports and elegance. Associated to the image of the sportsman Tiger Woods, its ambassador, the Link collection symbolises prestige and success.

Calibre 16
               Calibre S         

- CJF2114.BA0594

                                            - CJF110.BA0592 


This collection surprises for being such a perfect example of the union between the hi-tec and the most exclusive design, merging the precision with the style.The Aquaracer collection was especially proposed for water sports, there for all the models of the collection are water resistance since 300 meters or more.


- WAJ2112.BA0870

                                             -  WAF1310.BA0817


This collection of legendary chronographs was initially designed in 1964 for Jack W Heuer as a way of pay tribute to the famous but hard run, the “Mexico Panamericana Carrera".

The prodigy of automobile race, Lewis Hamilton it’s the ambassador of this Tag Heuer collection.

               Grand CARRERA         

- CV2010.FC6233

                                  - CAF7010.FT8011


The Monaco collection remains as a vanguard icon in “watchmaking”, transmitting passion and legend. Possessing all the essential characteristics of well-known watches’s, the pieces of the Monaco collection will know how to seduce the automobile race and the high design lover’s.




                                     - CAH1014.BT.0.718






The Tag Heuer Formula 1 collection has a style and a spirit truly sport’s, being available whit a sport bracelet in catechu or a stainless stell bracelet. The Formula 1 champion, Kimi Raikkonen is the ambassador of the collection.


- WAH1011.BA0854

                 - CAH1113.BA0850



- CAF7114.BA0803